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Marketing Story Analysis Customer inserts his/her name Course title Instructor’s name Institution’s name Department’s name Word Count: 996 words Date Table of Contents 1.Introduction 3 2.Analysis 3 a.Retail Management 3 b.E-commerce and multi-channel strategy 4 c.International marketing dynamics and challenges 5 d.Brand Image and goodwill 5 3.Conclusion 6 References Appendix- Article 1.


At a deeper level, however, one can find the existence of international marketing strategy, brand image and strategic retail management. 2. Analysis a. Retail Management One of the major and all-encompassing marketing concepts highlighted by this article is that of retail management and consumer behavior. The U.K, like its developed counterparts, is facing a change in its demographics with a skewed population pyramid (KPMG, 2013). The so-called “ageing population” translates to changing customer habits based on age. In the middle of such a transition, retailers such as Tesco are finding it difficult to adapt to such changes in customer behavior. This transition has given way to increased significance of one-stop convenience shopping as elder individuals find themselves difficult to visit several stores for buying food and non-food products (SAS, 2013). This is one of the most important aspects of retail strategy which requires companies to build store formats based on the needs of the target market (Gilbert, 2003). For instance, IKEA has adapted to customers’ needs for buying furniture for their first apartment (Castella, 2012). ...
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