Strategic Management and Marketing for the Luxury Goods Vivienne Westwood

Strategic Management and Marketing for the Luxury Goods   Vivienne Westwood Assignment example
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Vivienne Westwood Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Part A 4 Introduction 4 Situational Analysis 4 Political 6 Economic 6 Social 6 Technology 7 Vivienne Westwood- Soul & Skin of the Brand 7 Skin & Soul of Vivienne Westwood & Differentiating factor 8 Luxury Brand Experience 9 Part B 10 Marketing Objective 10 Marketing Strategy 12 Action Program & Control Method 13 Conclusion 15 Appendices 20 Part A Introduction “Today luxury is everywhere” - Kapferer and Bastien (2009, p.


In such context, Luxury Goods Company Vivienne Westwood has been selected sample organization in the paper and study will conduct marketing audit in order to help the sample organization to decide marketing strategy. McDonald and Wilson (2011) suggested that organizations should use both strategic and tactical marketing plan in order design marketing strategy. According to these scholars, strategic marketing includes situational analysis, customer segmentation, and macro environmental audit while tactical marketing plan includes implementation marketing strategies. The paper will follow the mentioned approach while doing marketing audit for Vivienne Westwood. Before going to the main discussion, the study will analyze the business situation and macro environment for Vivienne Westwood in order to create background for marketing audit. Situational Analysis There is no doubt that primary operational hub for Vivienne Westwood is UK and therefore the study will concentrate on macro environmental parameters of UK which can influence business dimensions of Vivienne Westwood. ...
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