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Name of the Student Name of the Professor Course Number Date Marketing Planning: Vodafone Background Marketing Planning is dubbed as the process used by the marketers to analyse the market situation and develop strategies that fits with the environment. Eminent scholars such as Hatton (13) defined marketing planning as the method of assessing the existing marketplaces as well as new market places to determine how a business can optimally compete and strengthen their market position.


In the recent past, the notion of marketing planning has changed from various perspectives (Hatton 12). Companies nowadays put in strong efforts to identify the problems of market and formulate a strategy only on that basis. In the similar way, the technique of promotion has undergone drastic changes. There have been evident changes in the strategies of selling as well. Considering the scenario of the market, aggressive and push selling are being are being actively pursued by the companies. P&G created an artificial demand in the market for their product Surf Excel, which clearly exemplifies an innovative marketing technique. Another evident change is the increased stress on the consumer needs and ‘go to market’ approach. In the meantime, future planning has been also considered important by the marketers. However, the ability of an organization to predict its future marketing activity depends upon the level of competence. In addition, their ability to adapt to a particular situation also acts as a decisive factor. ...
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