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Name: Institution: Instructor: Date: The Candy Case Suitability of each product for online selling Global business environment is becoming highly competitive as several large, medium and small organizations are trying to develop and implement unique business strategies in the business processes in order to gain significant competitive advantages.


The case study is all about a developed confectionary business in the Dewey Beach. The store used to sell three different products, such as candy, ice cream and photograph. Recently, the organization is planning to implement online business strategy in order to gain competitive advantage in this business area. Dewey Beach is considered as one of the most popular tourists spots in United States of America. Moreover, the organization is planning to expand its business operations in different popular locations in the United States of America in which the organization can get significant competitive advantages1. It is mentioned in the case study that the confectionary store has to face low competition within the market. There are two more similar types of business organizations. But, importantly this specific confectionary store used to sell differentiated products. According to the views and thoughts of business owners, the online business strategy will help the organization to achieve significant competitive edge over its competitors. It is true that number of competitors for this specific confectionary store is quite low. But, it also needs to be considered that the total population of this area is not more than 350. ...
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