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Marketing Plan Executive Summary The aim of the marketing plan is to develop an environment friendly mobile phone which Nokia is going to launch in their existing markets. The focus of this plan are the aspects that Nokia requires to follow, when they are going to launch their innovative product i.e.


how Nokia achieved its brand name and goodwill in past and current market situations. Next, it highlights the company’s situation analysis and overall study of internal and external factors through different marketing tools. For examining the situation analysis of Nokia’s market PEST analysis, competitor and consumer analysis have been applied. In internal analysis, it depicts the company’s current position in the market and the current data on brand performance of Nokia. This marketing plan also provides information of the company’s basic goals and objectives and shows after launching the Eco-friendly product, within this 12 months campaign, what can be expected regarding the fulfillment of their goals and objectives. Then, in this paper, Nokia’s target market and customers of their eco-friendly product has been analyzed and this paper also provides a clear picture regarding how the company segments their market for their eco-friendly product using four perspectives of segmentation. The marketing mix strategy of Nokia’s eco-friendly mobile using 4P’s has been provided. Certain evaluation and control methods have been provided which shows how the company can evaluate their market performance when they would launch their new eco-friendly product. ...
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