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Case Study Review Customer inserts his/her name Course title Instructor’s name Institution’s name Department’s name Date SWOT Analysis 1. Dairy Crest plc. The company’s biggest strength is its diversified brands which include Cathedral City, Utterly Butterly, Clover, St Ivel and Frijj.


However, one weakness reflected is that of high operating expenses. This is because the revenue is in “billions” whereby the net profit is only amounting to a few “millions”, thereby reflecting high expenses. High expenses could lead to operational inefficiency as well as higher prices for customers; therefore, they need to be controlled. On the other hand, the company has the opportunity to grow as it is currently only medium sized. By employing more people and increasing operations it can take advantage of economies of scale and lower prices for customers. Finally, it is likely that the company is facing the threat of high expenses owing to factors beyond its control such as rising labor costs and interest rates. 2. Fitness First Group Ltd Fitness Ltd’s strength lies in its geographic diversification as it is “international” in nature and has operations in 15 countries. Therefore, it can take advantage of lower costs in other countries as well as reduce legal and regulatory risks by operating in different countries. However, it may potentially possess weakness in the form of mismanagement of multi-cultural international markets. ...
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