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Name of Student Name of Professor Course Date of Submission Job Fair-Walmart Hello, my name is Isshiran Ribakov and I work for Walmart as a recruiter. I have worked for Wal-Mart for ten years and there is no other place I would rather work. The main agenda of Wal-Mart is to make everything that is better possible.


That shop is today the world’s largest retailer headquarters. Throughout the years up to date, the shop has experienced many challenges ranging from employees, supply chain, and normal running and coordination of the shop. However, I am proud to say that despite all the challenges and competition from other retailers, Wal-mart has stood its ground. I do not intend to bore you with all the tiny details of Wal-mart of its challenges and successes. The great Wal-Mart experience can only be realized once you agree to work as an employee here. As I had said above, there are many benefits that come with working at Wal-mart. I will brief you about all the benefits and opportunities that can be realized by working at Wal-mart. Progressive working opportunities Wal-mart is an established retailer shop. It sells many goods at low prices. Given the vast size of the retailer shop, many employees are required. Also, given the vast size of any our branches retailer shops there are many levels of jobs. The highest ranking job is that for an executive manager (Jamie 1). Wing to the many branches that we have, a big number of executive managers are required to run the shops. Thus, you do not have to worry about waiting forever for your opportunity to be at the top. ...
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