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QUESTION # 1: Consumer perception is defined as a process by which a consumer identifies, organizes and interprets sensory information to create a meaningful picture of its environment in his mind. Perception is how a person sees the world around him. Aspects of Perception As described by the definition of perception, there are three aspects of perception as described in the definition of perception: Selection Organization Interpretation (Hawkins, Mothersbaugh, and Best) Perceptual selection is also influenced by many other factors such as: Nature of stimulus Expectations Motives Nature of Stimulus Consumer’s perception can be affected by number of variables defining the nature of stimulus.


For example an advertisement made in contrast of black and white may be eye catching and affects perceptual selection. Expectations Consumer’s expectations also affect how things are perceived by consumer. Consumers generally see what they expect to see. A person expecting to see some particular shop in a shopping mall will soon find out one than the one in no expectation to see that shop. Motives Perceptual selection is also influenced by consumer’s motives at that time, consumer’s current needs and desires affect the stimulus selection for perception. A consumer planning to have a vacation will be more open to resorts’ advertisements, airlines deals and hotels’ offers. These are the two major factors that affect selection of perceptual stimuli. FACTORS AFFECTING NATURE OF PERCETION Exposure Attention Interpretation Exposure Exposure highlights the stimulus to which a consumer is exposed to. Exposure can be either deliberate or random. ...
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