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Omnicom Group is an advertising agency network, and owns a number of the leading marketing.The key strengths,market leadership position and leading international advertising brands assist the company to sustain


Diverse portfolio What makes Omnicom Group different from other advertising agencies is that it has unique and highly diversified service offerings ranging from conventional media adverts to specialty communications. Generally, these diversified offerings help the organization alleviate the risks associated with reliance on just one segment of the business. Majorly, its service portfolios comprise conventional media advertising which entails media services and advertising, customer relationship management (CRM) services and marketing services which entail public relations services, specialty communication services (Wood, 2008). Furthermore, via its group companies, Omnicom provides these offerings from various places worldwide. Leading Market Positioning Omnicom group leads in virtually all the segments it operates. For instance, OMD is not only innovative, but also stands out as a leading media communications organization, with more than one hundred offices in about eighty countries globally. Likewise, Prometheus Media Services (PHD) stands out as a key player in the United Kingdom media services industry. PHD has strongly established itself in the accountable and ROI media segment. Omnicom group also owns other media companies such as Icon International, Full Circle Entertainment and OMG Outdoor Media Group. ...
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