Information Systems and Business Processes

Information Systems and Business Processes Essay example
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Manage an information and knowledge Management System Name Institution Manage an information and knowledge Management System Business process management is a holistic management approach that usually aligns business processes in line with needs and wants of clients.


This approach will affect the revenue and cost of running the video game business (Halpin at el., 2011). Additionally, it will allow proper understanding and incorporation of the management approach since the business strategic assets as a process will allow the managers to understand, improve, and manage value-adding services to the clients or children. Business information systems are usually applied in the business processes to provide required information in delivering services to the clients. The advancement in the internet provides services provide a perfect platform for the business information systems to be used effective and interactively in service delivery (Brocke and Rosemann, 2010). Therefore, in the video game business, the internet will be used to source the information from the clients or children and the service or game provider (Dumas, 2013). Additionally, the business will apply the computer technology or the already readily available software for billing and timing the game. The use of these technologies will ensure that even distribution time to all games is achieved. Additionally, the same software will enable the business to calculate its profits or losses as it is expected that the system will register all times used per computer. ...
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