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Analysis of Marketing Campaign of Nike – “Find Your Greatness” Introduction A large number of advertisements are bombarded to audience through all possible channels. Corporations continue to seek their ways in daily life of public. Numerous strategies and tactics are utilized by marketers in order to penetrate the subliminal message present inside an advert.


This paper attempts to evaluate concealed messages in the adverts of this campaign and the probable model used by the addition, it explores the ways through which the company persuades the viewers towards its brand. The slogan of this campaign is named as, “Find Your Greatness.” The spot was launched during London Olympics 2012. The core purpose of this advertisement was to cater masses by taking advantage of Olympic coverage and alert television audience. Campaign Strategy – Rationale The substandard endeavors of International Olympic Committee (IOC) demanded to ensure that their chosen sponsors receive hefty spotlight during London Olympics games. The associated athletes were restricted for two weeks from showing their appearance for any unofficial sponsors. Unofficial sponsors were not allowed to gain benefits from Olympic themed messages. For a large number of ads, the plan of IOC worked. However, some creative companies and athletes found their way around the system. Nike was one such company that came up with smart approach. Instead of investing millions of dollar for obtaining official sponsorship, it found a distinct way to celebrate Olympics at London. ...
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