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Name: Subject: Essay, Marketing Topic: Marketing Strategy Analysis Date: Starbucks is an American coffee company which is operating in many countries worldwide. It has the title of being the largest coffeehouse company with around 25,000 stores. It was established in 1971 in Seattle, Washington and has since then, opened up stores in around 62 stores.


The effectiveness of current marketing strategy of Starbucks can be judged from an analysis of the marketing mix including product, place, price and promotions of the brand. Product Starbucks is known worldwide for its brewed and blended coffees. In 2003, it acquired the title of Seattle’s best coffee and serves thousands of customers around the world. It started off with coffee but has now expanded by introducing other menu items as well. The product offerings of Starbucks vary from country to country but generally, it includes the following items: brewed coffees, espressos, cold blended beverages, teas, bottled drinks, pastries, sandwiches, ice cream along with other nutritional items. Other items include compact discs sold through its retails stores, coffee related equipment and accessories etc. However, the core product offering of Starbucks is coffee which is highly valued by its loyal customers. The brand is also engaged in selling whole bean coffees to grocery stores and other hotels worldwide (Starbucks Coffee Company, Web). Place As stated earlier, Starbucks has expanded by opening up 25,000 stores in around 62 locations. It is serving customers in United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Thailand, United Kingdom and several other countries around the world. ...
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