Market entry options : Chery Cars China

Market entry options : Chery Cars China Essay example
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Cover page GLOBAL MARKETING STRATEGIES M3X9086 Market entry modes: Chery Cars Submitted by: Your name Professor BA Business Portfolio International Business December 2013 Table of contents 1. Executive summary 3 2. Introduction 4 3. Overview of the U.S. car market 4 a.


distributorship 12 b. internet sales 13 8.2. Strategic Alliance 13 9. Timing of entry 14 9 Conclusion 15 10. References 16 Executive Summary This study focuses on modes of entry and strategies appropriate for Chery Cars. Chery Cars, an automotive company from China, is contemplating on globalization as strategy for expansion. Chery has started exporting in 67 countries and has established 7 factories in six countries. Its future plan is for an expansion in the United States. Suggested entry modes for entry to United States are exporting and joint ventures. The advantages and barriers of each strategy are presented. Export to U.S is timely because of improving economy, the need to change age old cars to newer models of light vehicles, and demand is more than the supply. Market entry options for Chery Cars to U.S. I. Introduction Multinationals target new geographical places as their products reached maturity in their home base or to augment efficiency. They are looking for more lucrative markets to sell their products. As such, many companies are giving attention into the emerging economies as future markets. They have to work out for a strategy to avoid total phase out or to gain more productivity. Introduction of these products to a new market will open up opportunities and give a new breath for the product. ...
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