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Case Study example - Analysis + Memo. Playa Dorada

Analysis + Memo. Playa Dorada Case Study example
Case Study
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Name of Student: Course Instructor: Subject & Code: Case Study, Company Analysis: Analysis and Memo of Playa Dorada Tennis Club Memorandum Date: Friday, June 05, 2015 Subject: Proposed Business Expansion of the Tennis Club To: Board of Directors, Playa Doranda Inc…

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I hope that I will be able to highlight the potential feasibility, profitability and suitability of the proposed expansion, in such a way that enhances our investment returns. Welcome. Background To begin with, you are aware that the Playa Doranda Beach & Resort in Florida has been doing very well in setting up a residential center alongside highly esteemed hotels. The residents and guests in these two units are expected to reach maximal capacity soon, thus increasing the number of people using our facilities. Further, the usage of tennis facilities has been on the increase and is likely to push us above our current capacity in the next few months. Based on vocation and tourist arrivals, there is a likelihood that our tennis facilitates will soon be inadequate. Our marketers and strategic business planners have already guaranteed increased growth of tennis demand in the location. Considering that our 18-hole golf course and Olympic sized swimming pool were also essential future investments that are now legendary in returns, it is strategically logical to conclude that we now need to extend our tennis infrastructure. Between 2004 and 2007, our court usage increased from 18.4% (by 2,789) players, to reach 47.3% (by 32,816 players). This was a nearly 30% increase of tennis court usage within three years. This rate or growth predicts when our tennis facilities as they are now, will be inadequate. ...
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