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Current paper explores a series of marketing issues related to Nike, Inc. a firm quite popular in the global sports industry. The success of Nike is the result of a carefully designed and closely monitored marketing strategy which is characterized by the emphasis to customer needs rather than to the firm’s…

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The marketing decisions of Nike Inc. are influenced by a series of macro and micro environmental factors. These factors could be described as follows:
1a. Macro environmental factors (Petzer et al. 2006): a) political; the political environment of UK is stable; Nike would have no pressure to face from unexpected changes in the country’s political environment (Stewart 2013); b) economic; the economy of UK shows signs of recovery, after 5 years of severe financial turbulences (Stewart 2013); c) social; in UK the social environment can be characterized as quite stable; no conflicts are likely to appear between social groups, or, at least, such conflicts have occurred decades earlier, d) technological; in UK technological advances are highly appreciated by consumers; products that are based on the use of advanced technology are expected to be welcome; and e) legal; the country’s rules on company taxation are considered as the most favourable in Europe; corporate activities are highly supported in UK, a fact that keeps the country’s performance in regard to FDI quite high.
1b. Micro environmental factors (Petzer et al. 2006): a) mission and objectives: the firm’s mission has been described as “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world” (Nike Inc corporate website 2013); b) organizational departments: In Nike Inc. operational activities are distributed among departments with different responsibilities; in this way, customer services are kept at high levels since the firm is able to respond successfully to its obligations towards its customers (Nike Inc corporate website).. ...
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