Marketing Plan for a new Organic goods company

Marketing Plan for a new Organic goods company Assignment example
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Marketing Plan for a New Organic Goods Company 1. Executive Summary The primary purpose of this assignment is to propose a valid and a relevant business plan for an organic foods company named Beijing Organic and Beyond Corporation (OABC) through analysing different marketing approaches and attributes.


In this proposed marketing plan, a particular fruit i.e. organic apple has been taken into concern for promoting in the current organic fruit business industry of the UK. Now, the company is intending to expand its business in the emerging UK food business industry. In this regard, the proposed marketing proposal for the company would focus on critically analysing different marketing research tools such as PESTLE, SWOT and marketing segmentation strategies in the context of UK food industry. Additionally, the proposed marketing plan would also incorporate the process of selecting effective marketing approach and different actions in order to enable OABC to achieve its business objectives in the growing food industry of the UK. A financial plan, metrics and appropriate implementation as well as controlling process have further been illustrated for the company in order to attain success of its desired business objectives. Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 2 2. Situation Analysis 4 2.1 PESTLE Analysis 4 2.2 SWOT Analysis 6 3. Market Segmentation 7 3.1 Targeting 8 3.2 Positioning 8 4. Objectives 9 5. Marketing Strategy 10 6. Marketing Programs 11 6.1 Marketing Mix Strategy 11 7. Financial Plans 12 8. ...
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