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Name Course Name Instructor Date Marketing iPhone 5s Apple Inc has unveiled a number of products that have stormed the market. One of these is the iPhone 5S that was officially launched 20th September 2013. This bundle of technology is advancement from a previous product that was developed by the same company, iPhone 5.


iPhone 5S has a variety of features that will make you admire the technology. It has a minimal hardware user interface that has precisely five buttons with only one button, home button located outside the screen, directly below it. This home button is flattened and uses a metallic ring that surrounds a sapphire cover; this makes the button very idea for pressing. Just like its predecessor iPhone 5, it has a 4-inch LCD touch screen that covers the better part of the Smartphone’s display. However, the phone has been modified to be lighter and slim, actually, it is only 112 grams and 0.3 inches thin. One of the key features that relates to advanced security is the fingerprint recognition system that is found within the home button. This is a very creative feature given that it is impossible for a stranger to manipulate the gadget without the consent of the owner. In addition, recognition system makes it possible for the authentication of purchases for iTunes and in the App store. The iPhone uses an iOS7 operating system and has the A7 main processor. The processor is 64-bit, one of its kind of technology in the mobile industry, it is accompanied by a M7 co-processor that is able to process motion data without engaging the main processor. This makes data processing efficient and faster. ...
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