Contemporary Issue In Marketing

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Contemporary Issue in Marketing Contents Contents 2 Introduction 3 Integrated Marketing Communication 3 Electronic Relationship 4 Trust and Commitment 4 Conclusion 5 Recommendations 5 Reference List 8 Introduction Organisations in today’s world are facing a tough challenge of coping with the ever-changing needs of their customers.


Hence, marketers have begun implementing integrated marketing communication tactics along with technology and persuasive communication strategies, in order to build loyalty and long-term relationships with consumers. The present essay will shed light on the contemporary issues faced by marketers in current business environment and the use of integrated marketing communication, technology and persuasive communication in order to create a niche in this ever-increasing competitive environment. Integrated Marketing Communication Even after its inception over a decade ago, IMC and its definition is still subjective and varies in different situations. Few of the terms, defining IMC in parts, may include orchestration, New Advertising, whole egg, relationship marketing, seamless communication, total branding, 360 branding, integrated communication and integrated marketing (Kliatchko, 2005). Regardless of definitions suggested by scholars and researchers, it is undoubted that this new approach to marketing and business has become an unalterable strategic operation and no big organization can afford to skip IMC (Kitchen and Li, 2005). The emergence of IMC can be attributed to the inevitable change in customer perception and demands as well as demand for a more systemized and coordinated concept of marketing communication. ...
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