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A Critical Analysis of Marketing Myopia Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Introduction 4 The Marketing Issues Raised by Theodore Levitt in Marketing Myopia 5 A Critical Analysis of Marketing Myopia 7 Recommendation 10 Conclusion 11 References 12 Executive Summary This marketing case analysis focuses on the concept “marketing myopia” as presented by Theodore Levitt.


In this regard, a deeper understanding of what the relevance is of “marketing myopia” is can be gauged. In the analysis of this case study, Levitt (1975) suggested that the reason behind the downfall of the so-called “growing industry” is generally because of their myopic thinking culture. With this short – sighted vision of what the future of business may possibly offer, firms do collapse. It is indeed necessary to think outside the box and have a bigger picture of what is likely to happen in the industry. Also, he proposed that in order for business to thrive continuously, businesses must be customer – oriented instead of being too much occupied in developing, improving and producing goods and services. Likewise, he also suggested that marketing is needed and not just basically selling since marketing includes communicating the values that the products and services can possibly offer. This recommends that in order to avoid business failure in the future, a proper implementation and execution of the strategies should come next to ensure the sustained business after such careful and balanced analysis and planning of the business context today and in the future. ...
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