Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Marketing and Entrepreneurship Essay example
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Marketing and Entrepreneurship Contents Contents 2 Introduction 3 Concept of Entrepreneurship 4 Relation of Concepts of Marketing to Entrepreneurship 6 Analysis of an Entrepreneur 7 The Entrepreneurial Process 9 Features of Successful Entrepreneurs 10 Analysis of the Entrepreneur through Sarasvathy's and Burn's models 11 Self Assessment (GET and Evolution Tests) 15 Process of Development of Personal Capabilities to Commence a New Venture 16 Conclusions 16 References 18 Introduction Development of entrepreneurial ideas attains much significance in today’s world for it turns out to be an important parameter signifying the growth of the economic standpoint of a country.


Thus the study of economic development of a country studied based on the parameters of per capita growth in income, generation of large scale employment opportunities, increase in the level of national income and growth in the export and import activities owes due to the actions of the entrepreneur. The entrepreneurial actions taken by the entrepreneur is found to be subjected to larger amount of market risks as the person decides to move to new business areas or to render large scale innovation to the existing business processes or systems (Charantimath, 49-52). The concept and significance of entrepreneurship indicated above earns further potential when linked to marketing activities. ...
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