Marketing Research on McDonalds (Australia)

Marketing Research on McDonalds (Australia) Essay example
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Marketing Research on McDonalds (Australia) Contents Part 1 3 1. 3 2. 4 3. 6 4. 7 Part 2 11 Assumption 11 Problem Identification 11 Priority Problems and Benefits to the Marketing Mix 12 New marketing mix for meeting market and organizational needs 12 Product 12 Place 13 Promotion 14 Price 15 References 16 Part 1 1.


It can be said that the marketing efforts for any product or service should always be line with the SMART framework. The SMART framework which essentially focuses on the guidelines related to specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed parameters helps to develop a highly integrated marketing plan within a time bound frame (Stone, 2001, p.15). The SMART objectives when implemented in a marketing plan in a properly organized and phased out manner helps tremendously to the process of increasing the productivity of the marketing plan (Mullin, 2010, p. 34). However, the following processes can be followed for the purpose of implementation of SMART objectives within the marketing plan aimed to bring focus and generate consumer interest on the globally present McDonald’s brand in the Australian market. Specific: In order to increase the effectiveness of the marketing plans, McDonalds should focus towards a specific group of consumers or the relevant target audience. Identifying the specific consumer needs with regards to demography and age group, will lead to the better conversion and increased sales for the products of McDonalds in the Australian region, while effectively trying to generate advantage from the need fulfillment perspective. ...
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