Marketing Plan: The Cambridge Science Pharmaceutical (CSP)

Marketing Plan: The Cambridge Science Pharmaceutical (CSP) Essay example
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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Marketing Plan Introduction The Cambridge Science Pharmaceutical (CSP) is an international healthcare organization that develops manufactures, and market health care products. Medicare products produced by this company include those that aim at treating metabolic disorders, immune deficiencies, and gastrointestinal among other acute and chronic medical conditions (“American Obesity Association …” 01).


Printup success in marketing management made her to be assigned to be in charge of the launch of a United States’ product, which is the newest prescription drug in the market. This drug was to be launched in January 2009. Therefore, before then, Printup was required to develop viable positioning strategy and marketing plan for Metabical drug that this essay addresses. Summary Metabical was the first prescription drug to approve by FDA towards weight loss of among the overweigh people. Cambridge Science Pharmaceuticals (CSP) manufactured this drug after series of research work. During its trial, the majority of participants achieved their weight loss goals within twelve weeks of using the drug (Puhl 01). Despite the success of the drug especially in weight reduction, the pricing of the drug had not been finalized. However, its preliminary consumption price was estimated $3 to $5 per day per person with the duration of treatment lasting approximately twelve weeks (“American Obesity Association …” 01). ...
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