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International Marketing MOD0001194 Assignment Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 1.0 Standardization or adaptation of McDonald’s marketing mix 3 2.0 Theory that governed McDonald’s globalization 8 2.1 Eclectic theory 8 2.2 I.O. (Industrial Organisation) theory 9 2.3 Innovation-related internationalization 10 2.4 Cluster theory 11 2.5 Born global 11 2.6 Internationalisation Process Theory (IPT) 12 3.0 McDonald’s Country of Origin Effect 14 Conclusion 15 Bibliography 17 International Marketing MOD0001194 Assignment TO: The Board of Directors of McDonald’s Corporation FROM: Global Solutions plc DATE: December 2012 RE: International Marketing Report Introduction This rep


Three aspects of McDonald’s global marketing management are discussed – the degree of standardization or adaptation of marketing mix, the globalization model employed, and the country of origin effect, of McDonald’s international operations. 1.0 Standardization or adaptation of McDonald’s marketing mix Critically analyse the extent that your chosen global brand’s marketing mix is standardised and/or adapted across international markets. Conclude by providing a 2-3 paragraph summary that discusses whether you consider this to be an appropriate strategy(s). Remember to support your answer. Product – McDonald’s continuously innovates its products in line with the changing tastes and preferences of its local market. An example is McDonald’s Indian market, where the customers are predominantly vegetarian. ...
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