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NEW PRODUCT/SERVICE DEVELOPMENT AND MARKETING METRICS Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Market Analysis 3 Evaluation of Relationships and Processes 6 Marketing Metrics 8 Conclusions & Recommendations 10 12 References 13 Introduction Sasol Limited is a multinational public organisation which operates in the petrochemical and energy sector.


The company is headquartered at Johannesburg, South Africa, and was founded in 1950 (Yahoo Finance, 2012). This report entails introducing a product manufactured by Sasol into a new market. The report has been divided into three broad parts. Firstly, a detailed market analysis about the market facts and trends where the company’s product is suggested to be introduced for the first time has been discussed. Secondly, the key relationships between the buyers, suppliers and other key stakeholders involved in the process of marketing the product in the new geographical market in a profitable and effective manner has been included in this study. Lastly, some key measurement metrics have been discussed in this study, which can help to measure and evaluate the set objectives of delivering the product in the new market. At the end, some recommendations have also been provided for the company to launch its product successfully in the proposed new market. Market Analysis If we look at the business activities followed by Sasol Ltd. it can be found that the company is primarily engaged in the field of oil production in Gabon, gas production in Mozambique and coal mining operations in South Africa. ...
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