Direct marketing plan for expatriate sports and health centre

Direct marketing plan for expatriate sports and health centre Essay example
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Direct Marketing Plan for Expatriate Sports and Health Centre A case study of Expatriate Sports and Health Centre; Executive Summary Developing an executive sports and health centre will involve a combination of many factors including creating the necessary facilities and ensuring that health consumption and sports meets the necessary standards.


The direct market plan for developing the club will: i. First, create the overview of health and sports marketing to create the required brand’s message ii. Next, proceed to determine how the message fits the club’s development, and match the opportunities with the new brand message. iii. Finally, the health and sports club should be determined by the strategic business formula, and a clear, concise and meaningful approach applied. The centre will begin providing sports and health services in the city for expatriates and their families. The centre will start operating from January 2012 as per the schedule program. 1.0 Introduction The market focus for the direct marketing plan is provided by an extensive market fronts in Expatriate Sports and Health Centre and the larger global markets. The composition of business growing levels brings about the Expatriate Sports and Health Centre’s relevance into the significant market exploration of Real’s product bases. This is competitively provided in view of the marketing strategy process and within the evidenced market penetration, the business explains its promising role in exploring the potentially rich sporting markets in Expatriate Sports and Health Centre. ...
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