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Coca-Cola Enterprises Student’s name: Course: Instructor’s name: Contents Introduction 3 Critical Analysis of the Code 3 Strengths: 6 Weaknesses: 6 Component 1: Effectively Communicated 7 Component 2: Values Oriented and Embedded 8 Component 3: Responsibility and Accountability of the Leaders and the Ethics and Compliance Department 9 Conclusion 10 References 12 Introduction According to Forbes (Badenhausen, 2012) Coca-Cola is globally regarded as the third most powerful brand, only surpassed by Apple and Microsoft.


In this regard, the aim of the paper is to present a critical analysis of Coca-Cola Enterprises’ code of business conduct in terms of incorporating the three key components which exemplify the organisation’s values and adherence to business ethics. Critical Analysis of the Code Following a search for the organisation’s code of conduct, one oriented towards the stakeholders of the company was found: the Ethics and Compliance Office (Coca-Cola Enterprises, Code of Business Conduct, 2012). It was revealed that the Ethics and Compliance Office was tasked with the mission of designing an appropriate working environment that adheres to ethical standards. As such, it was disclosed that the “Code, serves as the foundation of the ethics and compliance program at CCE” (Coca-Cola Enterprises, Code of Business Conduct, 2012: Paragraph 2). ...
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