Innovation, knowledge and learning

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Innovation, knowledge and learning Table of Contents Introduction 3 Critical Literature 4 Methodology Employed 7 Data Collection and Analysis Techniques 8 Quality Findings 9 Recommendations 11 Conclusion 12 Reference 14 Bibliography 18 Introduction Knowledge management is undertaken with great zeal and initiative in today’s organizations and accounts for a key success factor for them too.


A more effective solution is reached at when this knowledge is transferred or integrated into sets of policies for capturing and generating more knowledge. The firms are considered to be a network of relationships existing between individuals, groups and sub units who are further embedded into a broader network of relationships with competitors, customers, suppliers, and other organizations (Capasso, Dagnino & Lanza, 2005, p.181). However, the superficial aspects of contexts and problems would have to be eliminated for the transfer of knowledge to be successful. This is also true that in cases where knowledge is applied inappropriately or in such contexts where is does not fit rightly, it is likely to result in fall in performance. That is why the topic of knowledge transfer has attained great importance and the field of research (Baum, 2002, p.198). The project seeks to make a critical evaluation of an article on knowledge management through making a comprehensive review of the case study of ‘InTouch’ within Schlumberger. It evaluates the ways in which knowledge is created, mobilized and diffused within the organization. The analysis of the paper in conducted with the use of adequate academic references. ...
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