Longitudinal Strategic Development Study

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Longitudinal Strategic Development Study - Virgin Table of Contents 1. Introduction 3 2. Strategic development history 4 3. Current strategic situation 7 3.1 Strategic micro environment 7 3.2 Organizational capabilities 9 3.3 Benefits from organization’s past strategic decisions 10 4.


In any case, it has been proved that firms, which promote innovation, are most likely to achieve their targets, either in the short or the long term. Virgin Group is an indicative example of this phenomenon. The Group operates in many different sectors responding to various consumer needs; the leadership style of the founder of the firm, sir Richard Branson has been considered as the key reason of the Group’s success. Current paper focuses on the strategic characteristics and growth of Virgin Group. Reference is made to the Group’s strategic development history, its current strategic characteristics and its strategic prospects in the future. The research on the Group’s past and current strategic choices has proved that there are two key criteria mostly influence the firm’s strategic framework: innovation and market needs. The Group’s leader, sir Richard Branson, has highly emphasized on the importance of innovation for the Group’s growth; his view has been verified in practice, as reflected in the performance of one of the Group’s firms for the last 2 years (Figure 1, Appendix). ...
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