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Strategic Marketing Management Table of Contents Introduction 3 The Importance of a Strategic Marketing Plan 4 Strategic Marketing Planning in the Sports Sector 4 Process for Designing a Strategic Plan 6 Corporate Mission 7 Corporate Objectives 7 Analysis of the Market Environment 7 External Environment Analysis 8 SWOT Analysis 11 Marketing Objectives 12 Marketing Strategies 13 Target Market Selection & Product Positioning 14 Action Plans 16 Reviewing and Controlling the Plan 17 Conclusion 17 References 19 Bibliography 21 Introduction Long ago it was mentioned by Peter Drucker that there were two fundamental purposes of any business organization and they were innovation and marketing (Drucker


Thus, it is important for a firm to characterize by the advantages made obtainable for the customer. After building the significance for the firm’s customers, it is then given the right to confine a part of it with the help of pricing. In order to sustain as a feasible establishment, it is necessary for the firm to keep on the practice of building and confining value with time. Inside this structure, the plan through which the value is built on a consistent basis is known as the Marketing Strategy of the specific firm. There are fundamentally two actions that are involved with a Marketing Strategy. The first one is to select an intended market and decide the needed positioning for the products in the mind of the aimed customers. And, the second activity is to indicate the desired plan needed for activities in the field of marketing so as to attain the intended positioning (Scribd, 2000). ...
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