CRM Project Paper Rubric Spring Semester 2013

CRM Project Paper Rubric Spring Semester 2013 Essay example
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Name: Course: Tutor: Date: CRM Project Paper Rubric Spring Semester 2013 Executive summary The marketing field is driven by an effective customer relationship. Marketing is about the customer and to achieve effective marketing customer relationship management is the key to success.


There are several ways of using these technologies and information systems. The common applications include the customer relationship management systems, electronic marketing, and social networking among others. The field of customer relationship management presents a lot of opportunities. The systems and operations of CRM implement the company’s goals and objectives for customer access, interactions sales and other services. With the developments in the field of information technology, there is the possibility to merge the CRM and other technologies such as social networking. This provides a greater opportunity for marketing and customer interaction at a cheaper and more affordable cost. Organizations and businesses are increasingly adopting customer relationship management (CRM) systems in order to improve their interactions with customers (Rigby et al. 2002). The CRM systems management application is used to manage customer interactions by integration of processes that are customer oriented like customer service and sales. The CRM systems are not only used in automation of these processes for cost reduction but also collection and analysis of customer information with the aim of better fulfilling customer needs and improve customer satisfaction(Karimi et al. 2001). ...
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