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Marketing and Management Table of Contents Introduction 3 Section One 4 7 Section Two 8 Conclusion 19 References 20 Bibliography 23 Introduction The case study is about Home Support which provides quality domiciliary services to its customers. It mainly focuses upon the elderly population of the country, i.e., the UK.


The study suggests the adoption of the internal marketing through which the company is capable of fostering the overall organisation. The paper will assist the organisation with proper organisational structure and thus will suggest ways through which it will be capable of maintaining the competitive position in the market. Section One Significance of Structure and the Role of Marketing in Organisation Innumerable writers have demonstrated the significance of the organisational structure along with its relation with the organisation’s size, technology, culture and environment. A few writers have mentioned the fact that if an organisation wants to achieve high performance, its structure needs to fit and match with the degree of change in its environment. It has further been pointed out that the structure plays a vital role in all the aspects of the human capital of the organisation. The organisation structure and the underlying design principles need to match with the main purpose of the organisation. Else, the organisation is deemed to fail and might not succeed in the long run (McMillan, n.d.). Marketing can be considered as the heart of an organization. The significance of marketing is growing in the non-commercial, public as well as voluntary sectors. ...
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