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Analysis of the hi-fi industry - Assignment Example

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The SWOT analysis of the hi-fi industry is such that its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are studied in the light of its own basis as well as the competing products with which it has been marketed within the domains of the marketing landscape. …

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Analysis of the hi-fi industry

This has been the case ever since the hi-fi industry came into being and was thus shown the way to increase its basis within the related settings. The growth and developmental basis of the hi-fi industry has come about with the comprehension that its strengths lie in the wake of the potential growth that remains within its fore. What this means is that how well the strengths are being highlighted and what the hi-fi industry as a whole is bringing out with each passing day. This has been represented in the examples that have been given of the hi-fi industry within this case study. The strengths are therefore enclosed within the people who buy the products that are produced by the hi-fi industry and thus cater to its relevant market domains (Nixon, 2010). The weaknesses are present within it as well. These comprise of the immense shortfalls that happen each year in terms of the production estimates of the hi-fi products that are required by the audiophiles and the tech fanatics spread all over the world. This is an important consideration that should be given enough weight because no one expects the audiophiles to go for something which is not easily digestible on their part as far as their audio and video requirements are concerned. This has been shown time and again with delay times in processing which has been the norm for all the wrong reasons. What is even worse is the fact that the hi-fi industry depends a great deal on its own people and if these people fall short on its expected count, then there is bound to be serious anomalies within the relevant system domains. ...
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