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 Marketing Management Table of Contents  Marketing Management 1 Table of Contents 2 Part 1 3 Primary Research 3 Secondary research 5 Market segments and targets 5 Brand equity over time 5 Positioning 6 Part 2 7 New consumer product 7 Target market 7 Song and an Endorser 7 Competition 8 Reference 8 Part 1 Primary Research Brand building is an essential part of marketing.


Primary research has shown that the most preferred brand in the category of consumer product is Pantene. They prefer Pantene than any other brands because it caters to all types of hair requirements. Pantene is the most famous brand in hair care; they are brand loyal towards the product. Brand loyalty is an attitude toward a brand (Pride & Ferrell, 2008, p.330). The primary research shows that they are satisfied with the brand and thus consistently purchase the same brand. Pantene a product of Procter & Gamble has very well positioned itself in the minds of the customers. The survey has shown that the most recalled brand was Pantene. Positioning is nothing but the battle of the mind. In order to stay ahead from the competitors, the first thing is to position the brand in the consumers mind so that he or she tends to go for that particular brand (Sengupta, 2005, p.2). And this is exactly what the hair product has done. It is the number one hair care brand. Brand loyalty plays an important factor when deciding upon a brand. When asked about how loyal they were with their brand, it was found that Pantene follows the third degree of brand loyalty, brand insistence. They would not go for any other substitute, they strongly prefer Pantene. This is referred to as brand insistence. ...
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