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Student Name: Instructor Name: Course: Date: Company Analysis 1. Executive summary Organisations have established a system of sharing their operations, revenue and profit margins which is to be applied across a strategic framework. The study analyses the company, its future earnings, corporate performance and political and economic environment.


Tiffany & co.’s prices are relatively low. One factor that made prices to be low is because the company had a direct buying relationship with many producers of the national brand name merchandise and therefore would sell the items at low prices. Some of these producers’ stocked sufficient quantities of merchandise as the management believed that if one of its suppliers would be unavailable, then the company could change its purchases to an alternative manufacturer without any business disruption (Zapata 1999). This has enabled the company be associated with low prices and has improved the company’s image. The company therefore aims at ensuring that employees participate in attaining these goals. The major business objective of the company is ensuring that sales volumes are always increasing. The company also ensures that its growth rate is not stable but increasing. The other goal is to introduce ways of sustaining company’s competitive advantage for example through developed promotions (Mulcaster 69). Some of the factors that have contributed to the success of Tiffany & co. over the past years include great strategy, superb strategy implementation and execution and great leadership. ...
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