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Customer Orientation

The subject of customer orientation, that was discussed in this essay has become a subject of interest not only to the business world, but also to the scholarly world. In the recent past, companies have committed a lot of resource on researching on the subject of customer orientation behavior and building of organization culture that is customer oriented. There have been systematic effort by many companies to come up with programs especially in their production and sales department that are customer oriented. Companies have encouraged their sales people to implement behavior which are customer oriented and which focus on the integration of marketing concepts and customer oriented behaviors. Satisfaction of customers has been the guiding principle in the operation of many companies. Concept places more emphasize on the need to listen to the needs of the customer. In this regard it tries to find out what kind of products the customer needs in the market and what response customer gives about the product that they are provided with. The researcher then concluds that this concept as used in management and business can be seen as a way of staying closer to the customers or putting the customer at the to pf o the organization chart. This means that the customer become the most important person in the business organization. It is also stated that the main focus of customer orientation is in production and in sales. This knowledge will help the researcher to provide his customers with servicers that are tailored to their needs. ...
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This essay discusses the subject of customer orientation, that has increasingly attracted the attention of the researcher. It also looks at the issue of internal shareholders and how they relate to the operation of the business policies that are made in the operation of the organization. …
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