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Advertising for SONY - Essay Example

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Sony Company is an electronic and communications manufacturer.It is based in Tokyo Japan and recorded revenue of eighty eight billion dollars during the year 2008.The company offers a variety of products such as video game merchandises video items for consumption,IT products,electronics and communication devices…

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Advertising for SONY

Sony Company is an electronic and communications manufacturer. It is based in Tokyo Japan and recorded revenue of eighty eight billion dollars during the year 2008. The company offers a variety of products such as video game merchandises video items for consumption, IT products, electronics and communication devicesThese commodities are produced under the following five categories; entertainment, electronics, games and financial services. Its business operations are Sony Financial Holdings, Sony Ericsson, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Electronics. (Howard, 2000)One element that makes Sony stand out in the industry is its originality. The company has created standards for their products as depicted in the Betamax system of video recorders. Besides innovation, Sony is a multinational corporation. This gives the company access to a large pool of clients thus complementing sales in one country with those in another. (Collett, 1999)The Sony marketing department seems to be getting on the wrong side of the moral divide as they have been criticised by some media critics. This was brought up by the controversial advertisements that the company has aired. One such example was with regard to a racially charged advertisement. In addition, Sony Company failed to comply with marketing ethics by hiring a marketing critic to praise the performance of their commodities. However, this did not fare well with the real marketing critics. All these bad marketing decisions have tainted the Sony name. ...
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