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Marketing objectives and strategies of massive, incorporated

In order to efficiently compete with the other competitors in the industry, Massive’s marketing objectives states its three marketing objects as follows: To continuously develop more innovative solutions for customers by expanding technological capability (Massive Network, 2006);To become the market leader by increasing market share by 10% ; and To aggressively compete with search rivals like Google and Yahoo (Wash, 2006). The marketing strategy currently employed by Massive, Inc. can be fully understood by looking at its marketing mix. Product. Currently, Massive have developed and offers five primary products namely internet advertising, Massive ad server, Massive lightning, test box, and MMOG solutions storm. In terms of internet advertising, the company was able to build partnerships with 700 websites which uses its technology to audit website traffics, users and ad campaigns. On the other hand, Massive Lightning is a technology which allows developers to “add online multiplayer functionality and build on that functionality to add scalability, security, and persistent data storage for multiplayer online games.” The newest addition to the product line of Massive Incorporated is the ad server which directly incorporates advertisements in online-PC based video games.There are four specific products within this line which are generally referred to as standard ad units ...
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In order to efficiently compete with the other competitors in the industry, Massive's marketing objectives states its three marketing objects as follows:to continuously develop more innovative solutions for customers by expanding technological capability …
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