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Essay example - Ecobeach Eco-tourism Operation

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The report examines effects of definitions, analysis and applications of the seven P’s on the eco tourism sector along with how they affect the performances of the tourism industry in the region. It gives proposals on the situation and a conclusion into the subject of eco beach eco tourism operations. …

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The paper tells that the importance of ecotourism has been put to consideration by different environmentalists who desire to conserve the environment for the coming generations. Their efforts focus on the charitable sustainability of our surroundings. Tourism entails visiting areas where flowers, fauna and artistic traditions are the major appeals for commercial reasons. The major goal of this practice is to enhance the tourists views on the impacts of mans activities on his surroundings. It also aids in enabling people to appreciate their natural homes better. Among the activities that these programs carry out aim at reducing the harm tourism causes on the surroundings and enhance the artistic honor of the locals. The international target market of choice for the beach eco tourism operation at Kimberly are visitors from all around the globe. The visitors to the beach all come from different cultures with different convictions, approaches and values to life and nature. The chosen international market requires to be in a safe environment with fresh waters. They also require high quality and safe supplies of the products on offer from the beach resorts they visit. There should be provision of adequate and standard accommodation to handle any number of visitors who decide to visit the beach. Provision of all the adequate amenities in the visitors accommodation areas should be put into consideration before advertising the premises. The wants and needs of the target market should enable the management of the tourist operations to determine what to produce. ...
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