Ecobeach Eco-tourism Operation

Ecobeach Eco-tourism Operation Essay example
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Eco-Beach Eco Tourism Operations Executive Summary This report examines the definitions and effects of the seven P’s of marketing on the ecobeach ecotourism activities. It begins with an introduction into the issue of ecotourism and examines the effects of eco tourism on the beach at Kimberly.


The parties responsible for the conservation efforts are also put into consideration in this paper. The definitions, analysis and applications of the seven P’s is done in the sub headings in the report. The report examines their effects on the eco tourism sector along with how they affect the performances of the tourism industry in the region. Finally, the report gives some recommendations on the situation and a conclusion into the subject of eco beach eco tourism operations. The reader can find a list of the references put to use in writing the report at the last page of the report. ...
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