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Consumption is corelational to living. It is part of human existence. More often than not, consumption is a means to an end. For example, we consume food to go on living. We consume medicines to preserve our health. We buy clothes to protect us from heat and cold.


Companies can spend millions on a single advertising campaign. Advertisers, on the other hand, target our vulnerabilities to build within us the desire to buy a particular product or try a particular service. Most advertising campaigns capitalize on individualism. Ad campaigns make us think that we should pamper or reward ourselves and/or our loved ones with a particular product or service. Or some ad campaigns would want us to believe that a particular prestigious brand is available not only to the rich and famous but also to ordinary people. On the other hand, advertisers have ruthlessly targeted the young in their advertisements. Advertisers know that when children would hanker for a particular toy or a certain products, parents tend to buy these things for them. These children are started young in yearning for products available, though not necessarily necessary, for them in the market. And these children, if reared in a consumerist atmosphere, grow up with consumerist attitude. These children become parents in the future who will likely pass on to their children this kind of attitude. The survival of consumerist consciousness is ensured in this process. ...
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