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International Marketing

There are varieties of options before a company when they decide to enter an overseas market. Three major issues require careful planning before venturing into another region, which include the right marketing mix, sourcing or the product and investment decisions (Qdi). Marketing mix itself involves decisions on whether to sell in the other country directly or through intermediaries and which market segment should be tapped first. Marketing mix for services is more difficult to ascertain than for products. Investment decisions and control are equally important - whether it should be a joint venture with a local partner, whether they should acquire an existing company in that country or have a global partner. Based on these factors, this report will discuss the marketing strategies of two different Companies in the service sector - DHL's entry in the China market and Vodafone of UK's entry in the US market. ...
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International Marketing creates new challenges and provides new oppurtunities in every sector. The market is affected by macro changes like government regulations and policies and demographics. Other complexities and uncertainties include the consumer behavior. …
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