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Fashion Buying

The essay "Fashion Buying" concerns the buying process in the fashion industry. Consumer buying process involves need recognition, information search, evaluation of the alternatives and deciding upon one of the alternatives and making the purchase decision. If we further explain the process between evaluation of alternatives and purchase decision we will find that once the customer evaluates the alternatives, he makes a purchase intention, this intention can influenced by the attitudes of others like family, peers and reference groups or from unanticipated events like lower income than expected, illness etc. taking all these aspects in consideration the consumer takes his decision. Once the product is purchased the consumer will form his opinion regarding the product and services provided by the company in the post purchase period. Organizational buying behaviour. According to Elliot organizational buying behaviour is the buying behaviour of organizations that buy goods and services for use in the production of other products and services, for using the products in operational non core operation like photocopier for office management or for the purpose of reselling or renting them to others at a profit. Organizational Decision Making Units. Organizational buying decisions are most likely to be made by a committee or group of people than wholly by an individual. In an organization purchase 'decision making unit' there are various centre of powers, which influences and finally guides the decision-making. ...
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The researcher of this essay aims to analyze What are the key contributions by Buyers in the successful completion of the Company Budget. Buying decisions are made by individuals or group such as a family or a committee in a commercial or industrial organization. …
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