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Analysis of the marketing promotion of the Beverage Company Coca-Cola worldwide

From this research it is clear that the design and the implementation of a marketing strategy is a challenging task. Communication should be regarded as a priority in any successful marketing policy. Towards this direction, Moore supported that “what is strategic in the communication is not that it is designed to be manipulative, but instead that it is designed to advance particular policies or organizational strategies by making them comprehensible and by enlisting the support and cooperation of those who must work together to produce the intended result”. On the other hand, the professionals in the relevant area should have specific competencies in order to achieve the required targets. In accordance with a statement of Thomas, presented in Lewis et al. “we [the marketing profession] must recognise that, in addition to high standards of objectivity, integrity and technical competence, we must, in responding to the changing environment, demonstrate that we can and will serve society in general; this requires a clear and articulate demonstration of our ability to be relevant in the political sense…if we remain tied to the forces of manipulation and hype, if we are seen merely to be servants of our capitalist masters, we will remain marginal and untrustworthy”. The success of a marketing strategy of any firm around the world is highly depended on the competencies of its managers dealing with the specific sector. ...
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The intention of this study are the marketing strategies followed by Coca Cola that like the advertisement in press and media and the sponsorships should be regarded as absolutely satisfied regarding the needs and the preferences of the consumers in the international market…
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