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Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date of submission: From the two common words search as green for instant what runs in your mind is nature or color which is generally related to beauty, in the hand market what you think of from the word is a place of investment or a place where you would create a solution.


The assumed obvious of green marketing is where by customers who are potential will look into products or services as a way to benefit and basing their buying decisions accordingly. With the not so obvious when discussing about green marking is when willingness to pay more of what you are supposed to products which are green alternative comparable product the assumption in which my opinion has not looked at closely and proven. While green marketing is rapidly growing as numbers continue to increase of customer and willing to back their consciousnesses environmentally with their loaded pockets, it will be however dangerous. The communities are skeptical in the sense that green claims and companies would seriously damage their brands and their sales. Sam Walton in the year 1990 had promised that the company by the name of Wal –Mart would reward the company Proctor and Gamble with unique shelf talkers if they however approve to their products that had greener features. When they responded, Wal-Mart’s soon from its shelves were emblazoned with all kinds of reports of the greener features of different products that include bogus ones such as household paper towels where there was the recycled content of the core of the card board but not the paper towels. ...
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