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Download 0 company analysis is the market leader in the relatively new coupon industry. It operates as an online platform that uses crowd-sourcing to offer consumers products and services at unbeatable prices with discounts ranging from 50% to 90% for those products and/or services that are featured on that particular day as a deal-of-the-day.


This individual would be old enough to own a credit card that is mandatory for making the purchases and is adventurous to try out new products/services because these make up most of the discounted offers. Groupons’ success so far has carved out a unique market space, considering that it offers diverse products and services, which differentiates it from traditional retailers: both brick-and-mortar and pure-play. Its major strengths are its brand as the trailblazer, its huge market presence, and its large financial backing of about US$ 1.2 billion. Groupon’s greatest opportunity is in the ease with which it can extend its service to more cities throughout the world. In fact, the company is currently leveraging its brand by extending its offering to willing collaborators through its Groupon Affiliate Program. The macro-environmental climate appears favorable for The possible difficulties that it may have encountered due to political, legal, social, cultural and technological issues have for a greater part been addressed by other major online retailers such as and E-bay. ...
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