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Internship: PR & Marketing departement

And last, but not the least, the number one reason people join internships is to be able to get into a favorable job after they graduate. I entered into the internship in the PR and Marketing department of a reputed law firm for legal media, nudged by quiet the same expectations and hopes. In the retrospect I feel really satisfied and proud to convey that my experience as an intern endowed me with much valuable and priceless skills and experience, which will go a long way in helping me secure a career as a successful professional.
The biggest asset that I acquired as a PR and marketing intern in the law firm was the ability to listen to others. Many a time people do overestimate their listening skills. In a team scenario listening is a job that does often get neglected. While communicating in a group, one is required to deal with multiple speakers offering different perspectives and affiliated to different goals and targets. As a PR and Marketing intern in a reputed and busy law firm, an individual has to listen to and at the same time respond to unexpected ideas, unusual news and contradictory points of view. Hence, the biggest mistake that PR novices make is that they resort to focusing on the things being said and communicated by one person, while ignoring the messages and reactions of other group members. ...
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Young people join internships for a variety of reasons, which may include a desire to add authentic credentials to personal resumes, to forge strong and lasting connections in the line of work that is conducive to their aptitude and aspirations, and definitely to gain and acquire a firsthand job experience…
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