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Advertising is a Marketing Tool

Advertising campaigns are prepared with a specific intention in mind. They target specific products or the overall product attributes of an enterprise. Wendy’s has prepared advertising campaigns to highlight the fast service of its carry out window order service with the added message that is open after midnight. The use of publicity is much different than advertising. The purpose of creating publicity is to raise awareness about the company as a whole. An unwritten rule about publicity is that any publicity either positive or negative is good for the company because it gets the name of the company out in the conscious of the customers. Sometimes companies create stunts to create publicity in an unethical manner. For instance a CEO might go on public television on a rampage burning the competitor’s products and services in order to create a media reaction. These types of publicity stunts should not be used since they hurt the integrity of the marketing profession. 2. In your response you mentioned a lot of differences between advertising and publicity. I like your response a lot. One of the differences between the two concepts is the planning associated with each of them. Advertising requires a systematic plan that requires a specific budget, timeline, and other variables. On the other hand publicity a lot of times occurs as a spur of the moment event. ...
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Advertising is a marketing tool that is used to market the company’s product or services.Advertising campaigns are prepared for different products.For example General Motors will create separate advertising campaigns to advertise its Volt model…
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