Social Responsibility Record of a Business/Product

Social Responsibility Record of a Business/Product Essay example
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Social Responsibility Record of a Business/Product The social responsibility that will be discussed here is of an energy drink which is on the upsurge within the different nations of the world. It is known by the name of Kickstart Energy Drink. This Kickstart Energy Drink is equally famous amongst age groups between 12 and 25 years.


The Kickstart Energy Drink means business when it wants to reach out to the people who would not be its direct bearers in terms of the sale that is being made. Tree plantation drives are held by the energy drink as the company feels that it has to tell the people at large the message of planting more saplings and trees so that the environment could be cleaned in essence. It is undertaking such efforts because there is a dire need to set things right within the regional landscapes which Kickstart Energy Drink is targeting at this point in time. The people believe that the steps undertaken by the energy drink company are in line with its vision and mission where the two pointers stress heavily on setting things right for the long term equations of growth, productivity and development. This is because the efforts and endeavors will turn a new leaf within the understanding of the people who should play their dire role within the understanding of nature that surrounds them and which they are a vital part of (Mirvis, 2010). What is even more interesting to note here is the fact that Kickstart Energy Drink stresses staunchly on other socially responsive activities more and more. ...
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