Manage Quailty Customer Service - Identify and evaluate Customer service

Manage Quailty Customer Service - Identify and evaluate Customer service Essay example
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Manage Quality Customer Service - Identify and evaluate Customer service Market research tool and Target market Before launching any product or service, market research has to be done, and in the case of Kingsley Hills Guest house of Ralph and Momo, the tool of questionnaire can be used.


As all these prospective customers cannot be get hold by the marketing department at a single place, questionnaires has to be distributed to or featured in all the prospective places, where they will frequent. For example, as the Kingsley Hills as a whole was being developed and promoted by State Tourist authority, the questionnaires along with a pamphlet about the Guest house, can be placed at their various offices and outlets with their permission. It could also be placed in the offices of various travel or tour operators. In addition, when Tourism related fairs are conducted, Ralph and Momo can open up outlets there, and distribute these questionnaires among the visitors. In all these places, they can appoint a person to supply these forms to the customers, requesting them to fill and give in-person or can ask them to post. In addition, Ralph and Momo can open a website for this guest house, and also incorporate a questionnaire in them. Although, all the prospective customers may not respond, the responses of the ones who responded, should be collected and analyzed to assess the customers’ needs and could also help to figure out the target customer base. ...
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