Marketing campaign for prostate cancer charity

Marketing campaign for prostate cancer charity Assignment example
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Development of Comprehensive Integrated Marketing Communication Mix The development of communication mix is comprehensive strategy and we have divided into stages systematically so no one is left behind. Stage 1: In the first stage the marketing research is done in which we have covered the Swot analysis and stakeholder analysis.


It is also important to identify the risk factors so that message can be formed around it. As per the case study following are the groups which are identified as the target audience and after them the risk factors are narrated to understand the unique characteristics associated with the target audience. Stage 3: In the third stage or in the third phase after identification and segmentation of population that you would like to cater, the key motivators are established or developed these can be done by developing effective messages by personification, creating awareness, celebrity endorsement or offering free of cost treatment options. One should also highlight what different challenges organizations are facing and how it is measuring the results. The detailed action plan and the messages those are likely to initiate the positive behaviour among the patients. Stage 4: In the fourth stage the market is tested, it is not wise to float the messages and ideas or solutions to the target audience before actually checking them. Proactive marketing strategies are always better then the reactive marketing strategies as they cut down costs and one is sure that the target audience is perceiving their message rightly. So, test the market before floating the idea. ...
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