Cost Effectiveness for Smoking Cessation

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Name Professor Company Analysis June 2011 Cost Effectiveness for Smoking Cessation It is necessary to stress that practically every person is trying to give up some bad habit. Someone is struggling against drugs or alcohol. Someone wants to give up smoking.


This relatively new (it was invented in China, 2003) device fully reproduces the process of smoking. Moreover, it is not harmful and helps to give up a bad habit. Although smoking cessation by means of electronic cigarettes seems to be a good method, a lot of people do not want to try this. It happens because there is a myth that these cigarettes are too expensive and it is better to buy something else in this case. This statement does not face real situation. That is why it is necessary to investigate the cost effectiveness and peculiarities of electronic cigarettes. The research concerning the problem under analysis was conducted by means of the following methods: 1) An anonymous Internet-based and cross-sectional survey. It took place among the first-time purchasers of electronic cigarettes. 2) Interviewing of people who smoke 3) The systematization and analysis of the information received in the process of investigation. 4) Anonymous interrogation. As for the results of my research, there happened to be more men than women in the study. Thus, there were 71.5 percent of men and 28.5 percent of women. The majority of people asked had been smoking for six or even more years. The first group composed approximately 81.1 percent. ...
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